Wholesale Business

Quality sushi at your doorstep!

Providing customers with a multitude of fresh, quality sushi has always been our mission, and now we can do so on a larger scale. Without needing space for an on-site chef, we fulfill our motto with reliable convenience and taste your customers admire. Bulk orders of fresh rolls delivered on a daily basis.

How it works:

Our staff is onsite daily mass producing sushi every morning. Rolls are individually packaged, labeled, and loaded into one of our refrigerated Sushimobile(sushi trucks). Orders are bundled per location, then delivered to our clients at their preferred time and location.

Our Features:

1. Wide variety of delicious, popular sushi rolls

2. Select menu

3. Reliable daily delivery

4. Complete refrigeration throughout process to ensure freshness 

For more information, call us today at (201)654-0422 .